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    September 30, 2020
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  • 4 Categories To Know When Going Vegan

    August 3, 2020

    4 Categories To Know When Going Vegan Basics The first thing you want to do is know and understand why you want to be vegan. Everyone’s journey starts out differently and you want to be authentic with yourself on why you’re making this decision. A few reasons why someone may choose to go vegan may include: – Against Animal Cruelty – Health Benefits – Spiritual – Environmental All of these reasons are great, and if any of them resonate with you, connect with that and use it as your why. Transitioning There’s 2 ways to transition into a vegan lifestyle. You can go cold turkey or you can gradually go into it. I stopped eating meat cold turkey. As I was learning more about my preferred eating style, I had realized I was already basically vegan but I had to pay closer attention to ingredients. To transition gradually, it would…

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  • Why you need to create a routine

    February 21, 2020

    Are you constantly putting these off until the end of the day, only to get home to not do anything productive? We all have promised ourselves we’d do something once we get home or later, and let’s be honest, it usually doesn’t get done. Instead, we find ourselves in this vicious circle of procrastination and never finding the energy or time to do anything. Hearing stories of major CEO’s waking up at 4am or sayings like “Everyone has the same amount of 24 hours in the day as you” always sound great and so far fetched that you can’t relate. You may not be a morning person, but you can definitely benefit from creating a morning routine from selecting at least 1 or 2 things to accomplish. Let’s face it, if we can wake up excited for a 7am flight, we can wake up excited for a chance to become more…

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  • Why I Became Vegan – 5 Easy Tips To Help You Too

    November 25, 2018

    I became vegetarian in September 2010. I woke up one day with a feeling WORSE than a hangover. Barely able to walk, I had to go to ER, I was placed under anesthesia, had to have my stomach pumped and was placed on IVs for hydration. The doc placed me on a 30 day vegetarian diet to give my digestion a break from all the meat consumption. When I went back for a check up, the doc said it was my best bet to stay on this diet permanently. I had caused my stomach lining so much damage due to the foods I was consuming. My lining was as thin as a piece of paper and my digestive system was just unable to digest meat any longer. I became vegan in January 2012 I’ve never been too crazy about milk or cheese so I naturally stayed away from them, unless it…

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