4 Categories To Know When Going Vegan

August 3, 2020Darlynn Ophelia

4 Categories To Know When Going


The first thing you want to do is know and understand why you want to be vegan. Everyone’s journey starts out differently and you want to be authentic with yourself on why you’re making this decision. A few reasons why someone may choose to go vegan may include:

– Against Animal Cruelty
– Health Benefits
– Spiritual
– Environmental

All of these reasons are great, and if any of them resonate with you, connect with that and use it as your why.


There’s 2 ways to transition into a vegan lifestyle. You can go cold turkey or you can gradually go into it. I stopped eating meat cold turkey. As I was learning more about my preferred eating style, I had realized I was already basically vegan but I had to pay closer attention to ingredients. To transition gradually, it would be similar to paying closer attention to ingredients but in increments. Ex. Start out by cutting out red meat,, then cut out chicken, then fish, then cut out dairy etc


To simplify a vegan diet, don’t consume animal products. In knowing this, it’s important to identify which ingredients make a food product non vegan. You’ll see the ingredients on the back reads Contains, 9/10 there will be milk, honey, fish etc letting you know what that product has in it. Some brands are considerate enough to let you know that the product may have been processed in the same factory with fish, chicken, milk etc. Otherwise, you can see the ingredients will read milk powder etc. To be safe, you can only select items that state vegan on them.


I would suggest going to the doctor to get tested for allergens and do blood work to find out if you’re deficient in any nutrients. The most common nutrients people are typically concerned about when going vegan would be iron, protein, calcium, omega 3, zinc, iodine, vitamins A, B12, and D. All vegetables & fruits contain these nutrients, that’s why it’s imperative to consume a well balanced diet and eat when you’re hungry.


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