The highest level of completed formal education I have is high school.

I find myself interested in many topics and I admire myself for pursuing them. I have a lust for knowledge and rarely find myself curious without research. The most important part of knowing a little bit of everything is that of independence.

When I’m researching, I like to study different perspectives. When we understand multiple perspectives, it opens our minds to new possibilities and breaks a system of habit. You may have your own outlook on a topic and still be open to different perspectives. Looking at things from a different point of view is a skill that ought to be learned sooner than later. You develop compassion and understanding, not only for others but yourself as well.

Since I’ve changed my eating habits, I’ve noticed a lot of mindset shifts, which led me down a rabbit hole of topics, such as spirituality, environmental sustainability, global health, and climate change, etc.

As I’m educating myself on these topics, I want to document and open space for discussion. I’ll be adding resources, articles, and videos from different platforms for discussion.

These topics will be:

Environmental Sustainability

Global Health

Climate Change

Please feel free to join in the conversations!